Moore to forecast weather for Chatto

Moore to forecast weather for Chatto

Chatto & Windus has acquired the second book by Peter Moore, which tells the story of the invention of weather forecasting.

Editor Juliet Brooke bought UK and Commonwealth rights in The Weather Experiment through Annabel Merullo at PFD.

The book looks at the invention of weather forecasting during the 19th century and creates portraits of characters such as Luke Howard who classified the clouds; Francis Beaufort, inventor of the Beaufort scale for wind speed; and his student, Admiral Robert Fitzroy, sailor and innovator, who was the first to coin the phrase "weather forecast".

Brooke said: "Peter has a legion of fans at Chatto and Vintage. The Weather Experiment promises to be a brilliant distillation of 80 years of invention and the race to forecast the future."

Moore's first book, Damn His Blood, tells the true story of the murder of a parson in rural Worcestershire in 1806, and is currently "Book of the Week" on Radio 4.