Moodie leaves DK to start digital consultancy

Moodie leaves DK to start digital consultancy

Justin Moodie is leaving DK to start up his own digital consultancy, moving from his role as publishing director, digital, on 21st March.

Moodie joined DK in 2010, having previously worked at Sky, Lloyds and HMV. While at DK, he played a significant role in the development of DK's launch products for Apple's iBooks 2 platform.

Clerkenwell Digital Consulting will be a boutique consultancy focusing on digital for the industry, across marketing, retail and publishing projects.

Moodie said: "It feels as if it's all poised to take off at DK. It feels like we've done a lot of good work with iBooks 2.

"My question was what was my next challenge—I had been thinking about it for years, it's such a scary leap to take, but I felt everything had come together—the market and the technology were in the right place, with enough scope for publishers to start developing more products."

DK declined to comment on Moodie's move, or on whether the company will be recruiting a successor to the role.