Monoray to publish 'profound' coming-of-age memoir from Gaughan

Monoray to publish 'profound' coming-of-age memoir from Gaughan

Monoray has acquired Irish writer and comedian Marise Gaughan's literary memoir Trouble, which will deal head-on with the rarely discussed subject of paternal suicide and its aftermath. 

Jake Lingwood, publisher, signed a deal for world all-language rights from Avalon. Trouble will be published on 7th April 2022. Monoray described it as "one of the most profound coming-of-age memoirs of recent years, a stunning new voice in Irish writing".

The publisher explained: "Gaughan was nine when she first realised there was trouble, 14 when her Dad tried to end it all, and 23 when he finally succeeded. In a turmoil of conflicting emotions Marise runs—from Dublin to Amsterdam to Los Angeles, leaving a trail of sex and self-destruction in her wake. Until finally she finds herself facing what she has become in a California psych ward, a girl imploding through trying to make sense of her father's suicide."

Gaughan started her comedy career in the open-mic nights of Los Angeles and quickly made waves with her dark and honest style. Now based in London and Dublin, Marise continues to perform in the major UK comedy clubs. Her debut show "Drowning" discussed her father's suicide attempt and her own. It premiered at the Dublin Fringe Festival in September 2018 and was awarded the Women's Irish Network Arts Bursary to enable Gaughan to take the show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

She commented: "I never understood the power of a good editor until I started working with Jake. His wisdom, understanding and expertise transformed my story into something I would never in a million years got to by myself. It’s wild that this book will now exist in the world when it began as just a throwaway idea that my agent, Katie McKay, urged me not to throw away. I am so grateful to both of them." 

Lingwood added: "Marise is an extraordinary writer who doesn’t flinch when asking herself the toughest of questions. She initially takes us into a world of innocence that quickly begins to come apart at the seams. She writes with such a light touch that every page is a pleasure, and yet she takes us to dark places that are so far removed from where the book begins that you find yourself catching your breath. Monoray is very honoured to be publishing Marise in what is an important acquisition for the imprint."