Human rights campaigner Patrick Alley goes to Monoray

Human rights campaigner Patrick Alley goes to Monoray

Monoray has acquired Shadow Network: Chasing Down the Thieves and Crooks Who Secretly Run Our World by Patrick Alley, “exposing how kleptocrats, banks and governments work together to maintain a corrupt status quo".

Publisher Jake Lingwood acquired world English rights from Eugenie Furniss at 42 Management. The book is scheduled for a spring 2022 release.

Written by the co-founder of Global Witness, a campaigning organisation to end environmental and human rights abuses, the book sees “Global Witness delve deeper and deeper, finding themselves pitched against warlords, super villains and blue-chip companies” according to the synopsis.

Alley said: “For 25 years Global Witness has unearthed countless corrupt deals and exposed the bad guys behind them. This book shows that corruption isn’t just something that happens somewhere else. The people who enable these crimes—the pinstripe army of bankers, lawyers, accountants and PR executives—might be living in your street.”

Lingwood said: "Shadow Network is my favourite kind of non-fiction—exciting, but also showing us the world in a different way. Patrick is a brilliant writer and his work at the cutting edge of the battle against global corruption is both thrilling and a devastating critique of the way the world works today."

Alley co-founded Global Witness in 1995 with Charmian Gooch and Simon Taylor. Since then Global Witness has become a global leader in its field. Patrick has taken part in over 50 field investigations in Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe and in subsequent advocacy activities. Alongside his two co-founders, Patrick received the 2014 Skoll Award for social entrepreneurship.