Monoray acquires 'inspiring' memoir of child who survived Auschwitz

Monoray acquires 'inspiring' memoir of child who survived Auschwitz

Monoray will publish The Twins of Auschwitz: The Inspiring True Story of a Young Girl Surviving Mengele’s Hell by Eva Mozes Kor. 

Jake Lingwood, publisher at the Octopus imprint, acquired exclusive Europe and open market Canada rights from Jason Bartholomew of BKS Agency, on behalf of Tanglewood Publishing. The book will be published on 6th August 2020. 

Mozes Kor was 10 years old when she arrived in Auschwitz. Her parents and older sisters were taken to the gas chambers while her and her twin, Miriam, were put in the care of Dr Josef Mengele, known as the Angel of Death. The twins were subjected to Mengele's "sadistic" medical experiments and were forced to fight daily for their survival. The Twins of Auschwitz tells their story. 

Kor created the Candles organisation in 1985 to find other "Mengele Twins" and found 122 throughout the world. She also opened up the Candles Holocaust Museum to educate the public about the events she survived. She died in 2019. 

Archbishop Desmond Tutu commented: "Mozes Kor has written a very moving and vivid account of an extraordinary and horrific experience. It is an important document showing the strength of the human spirit and the capacity to forgive. She should be commended for having the courage to write about her traumatic childhood, leading to the forgiveness that freed her from hatred and brought her peace. May it inspire others to emulate her."