Mockingbird 'most inspirational' - survey

<p>Atticus Finch has been voted more inspirational than Biblical figures after the Harper Lee classic was voted the most uplifting book of all time.</p><p>According to the Daily Telegraph, <em>To Kill a Mockingbird</em> beat the Bible and misery memoir <em>A Child Called It</em>.</p><p>A spokesman for, which conducted the research, said: &quot;Despite To Kill a Mockingbird being written in the 1960&#39;s, it is still considered the most inspirational book.</p><p>&quot;The novel is renowned for its warmth and humour, despite dealing with serious issues of racial inequality. The narrator&#39;s father, Atticus Finch, has also served as a moral hero for many readers over the years.</p><p>&quot;It&#39;s interesting that the book is considered more inspirational than the Bible, which many people turn to at some point in their lives.&quot;<br /><br />TOP 10 MOST INSPIRATIONAL READS<br /><br />1. <em>To Kill a Mockingbird</em> - Harper Lee (1960)<br /><br />2. <em>The Bible</em><br /><br />3. <em>A Child Called It</em> - Dave Pelzer (2001)<br /><br />4. <em>Men are from mars, Women are from Venus</em> - John Gray (1993)<br /><br />5. <em>Diary of Anne Frank</em> - Anne Frank (1947)<br /><br />6. <em>1984 </em>- George Orwell (1949)<br /><br />7. <em>A Long Walk to Freedom</em> - Nelson Mandela (2002)<br /><br />8. <em>The Beach</em> - Alex Garland (1994)<br /><br />9. <em>The Time Travellers Wife</em> - Audrey Niffenegger (2005)<br /><br />10. <em>The Catcher in the Rye</em> - J D Salinger (1951)</p>