Mitchell Beazley snaps up a book examining Princess Diana's clothes by Moran

Mitchell Beazley snaps up a book examining Princess Diana's clothes by Moran

Octopus imprint Mitchell Beazley has snapped up a book examining Princess Diana's choice of clothes by fashion writer Eloise Moran.

Alison Starling, publisher, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to The Lady Di Look Book: What Diana Was Trying to Tell Us Through Her Clothes from Lisette Verhagen at PFD. The book will be published on 21st June 2022. 

The publisher said: "Moran has studied thousands of pictures of Princess Diana and her clothes and discovered that behind each outfit lies a carefully crafted strategy. What Lady Di couldn't express verbally, she seemed to express through her clothes. With The Lady Di Look Book Eloise Moran takes us on a photographic journey celebrating Princess Diana's fashion choices over the years. From the pink gingham trousers and pastel-yellow overalls of a sacrificial lamb, to the sexy Versace mini dresses, power suits and cycling shorts of a free woman, this is an interpretation of Diana's most show-stopping 1980s and early ‘90s outfits and, of course, her most fearless post-divorce revenge looks. Whether it's '80s cottagecore Diana, androgynous bow-tie Diana, little black dress Diana, or athleisure Diana, The Lady Di Look Book illuminates what a bold and inspiring fashion icon Diana really was and shows that there's a bit of Diana in all of us."  

Starling said: "Moran’s fresh take on Lady Diana and the way she used her clothes to say what she couldn’t articulate in words had me gripped from proposal stage. It is of course a fabulous collection of photographs, and a snapshot of British fashion through the 1980s and 1990s, but it is also a pacy, absorbing read including some original research based on Eloise’s interviews with many of the people involved with the image-making of Diana. We’re delighted to be publishing this, Eloise’s first book as part of our fashion list."

Moran added: "Lady Di’s clothing has enthralled me for the past few years, and I’m so unbelievably excited to share with the world my interpretation of what I believe Diana was trying to say through her clothes. I had so much fun writing this and exploring not simply Diana the princess, but rather Diana the woman—the complex individual who so many of us can relate to, all these years later. I hope people will get a real insight into Diana’s sense of humour and decision-making, but also feel inspired to make powerful statements with their own wardrobe."