Mitchell Beazley gets 'groundbreaking' Foodpairing Company book

Mitchell Beazley gets 'groundbreaking' Foodpairing Company book

Mitchell Beazley has acquired a “ground‐breaking” new book from the Foodpairing Company.

Octopus publishing director Stephanie Jackson acquired world rights in all languages direct from the firm. The Art & Science of Foodpairing by Peter Coucquyt, Bernard Lahousse and Johan Langenbick will be published on 1st October 2020. 

The book will see its authors explain why the food combinations we know and love work so well together – like strawberries and chocolate - and promises “a whole new world of unexpectedly delicious pairings that will transform the way we eat”. Its synopsis states: “With more pairings than any other book on flavour, plus the science behind flavours explained, the book is designed to be the go‐to reference for flavour and an instant classic for anyone interested in how to eat well.”

Since launching in 2007, the Foodpairing Company has partnered with noted chefs, bartenders and brands from around the globe. The team analyse foods under laboratory conditions to identify which flavour components they have in common and operates one of the world's largest ingredient and  flavour databases.

Jackson said: “Several years in the making, and the result over a dozen years of rigorous primary research paired with creative collaborations across the worlds of food and drink, this ground‐breaking, authoritative work is a fascinating blend of science and the senses. With simultaneous worldwide publication next Autumn, The Art & Science of Foodpairing will transform the way we think about how we cook and what we eat.”