Mitchell Beazley bags second Dirty Vegan tie-in cookbook

Mitchell Beazley bags second Dirty Vegan tie-in cookbook

Mitchell Beazley has bagged a second TV tie-in cookbook for BBC series “Dirty Vegan”, featuring 80 new recipes from ex “Dirty Sanchez” star Matt Pritchard.

Editorial director Eleanor Maxfield acquired world rights from Dale Templar of One Tribe TV for Dirty Vegan: Another Bite, which will be published in December.

Pritchard, whose show airs on BBC Cymru Wales and iPlayer, claims his 100% vegan diet is responsible from a life transformation that saw him become an endurance athlete. The book, a follow-up to 2018’s Dirty Vegan (Mitchell Beazley), promises to show fans how cheap, easy plant-based food can improve their lives.

Its synopsis states: “Delve into no-nonsense chapters such as Balanced and Banging, Food with Legs and the all-important Dinner with Mates. Enjoy a quick hunger fix with Tofu Katsu Curry, restore energy with Barbecued Rainbow Root Veg and treat yourself with Planty Panna Cotta. No mysterious ingredients, no fancy pants cheffiness; just healthy plant-based grub and all the good it brings!”

He said: “I’m so exited for the second book, it really is written for those who are looking for easy to follow recipes. I’m still pinching myself having my first book out but to have a second from the success of the first book is very humbling. I have to thank fitness, healthy food and living for it all because its very important to me after years of madness.”

Maxfield added: “Matt’s down-to-earth, fuss-free approach means these recipes are completely in tune with modern vegan eating. This second book promises plant-based food, not just as something to turn to one night a week, but a whole bank of recipes that are so appealing they fit every occasion and appetite, be it comfort food, easy energy boosts or a satisfying weekend feast that is suitable for all your mates.”