Cook Share Eat Vegan to Mitchell Beazley

Cook Share Eat Vegan to Mitchell Beazley

Mitchell Beazley has acquired Cook Share Eat Vegan by Áine Carlin.

Alison Starling, publisher at Octopus, acquired world rights from Greene & Heaton.

Carlin’s two previous books were published by Kyle and won her a loyal following—as well as selling widely in translation including in Brazil, Germany, France, Finland, Italy, Hungary and Spain. 

Her new book will emphasise "great flavours and fresh, seasonal dishes that don’t rely on substitutes or hard-to-source ingredients", comprising 125 recipes that include Polenta Pizza, Falafel Shakshuka and All-out Chocolate Honeycomb Loaf.

Carlin said: “I am so incredibly thrilled and honoured to be working with Alison and the entire team at Octopus on this book, all of whom have helped bring my ideas to fruition… it’s time to cook, eat, smile, repeat.”

Cook Share Eat Vegan will be published on 5th April 2018, priced £20.