Missing persons crime series to Michael Joseph

<p>Stef Bierwerth, Michael Joseph&#39;s editorial director for crime and thrillers, said she has bought a &quot;fantastic&quot; debut novel: Tim Weaver&#39;s <em>Chasing the Dead </em>a psychological thriller &quot;in the vein of Michael Marshall and Mo Hayder&quot;. Bierwerth bought UK and Commonwealth rights in a two-book deal from Camilla Bolton at the Darley Anderson Literary Agency.<br /><br /><em>Chasing the Dead </em>is to be the first in a series featuring missing persons investigator David Raker. Bierwerth described it as, &quot;one of those rare, spine-tingling thrillers that draws you in from page one, simply doesn&#39;t let you go and creates an atmosphere which stays with you for a very long time&quot;. <br /><br /><em>Chasing the Dead</em> will be put out as a paperback original in early 2010.</p>