Memoir exploring tragedy of Stardust nightclub fire to Mirror Books

Memoir exploring tragedy of Stardust nightclub fire to Mirror Books

Mirror Books will publish Stardust Baby by Lisa Lawlor, whose parents were tragically killed on Valentine's Day 1981 in the Stardust nightclub fire in North Dublin.

Executive editor Jo Sollis acquired world rights from Paul Feldstein of The Feldstein Agency. The title will be published on 28th January 2021, ahead of the 40th anniversary of the fire. 

Lawlor was 17 months old when both of her parents were killed in the nightclub fire. Stardust Baby details how her life was affected by the events that killed her parents, as well as depicting how her extended family "toppled into dysfunction" in the face of the tragedy.

Sollis said: "Lisa's story of growing up in the shadow of this shocking tragedy and the havoc it wreaked on her and her family is ultimately truly inspiring. I am delighted to be working with Lisa and Paul to bring this book to life."

Lawlor commented: "I am thrilled that Mirror Books have agreed to publish my memoir as we lead up to the 40th anniversary of that tragic night. All I’ve ever wanted was to tell my story, keep the memories of my parents and all the young people who died in the Stardust alive and—I hope—give a little hope to anyone living through a terrible family tragedy that life can go on, and happiness is possible."

A percentage of the royalties from the sales of the book will be donated to the Stardust Justice Campaign group, which Lawlor is a member of.