Mirror Books to publish memoir from Christine McGuinness

Mirror Books to publish memoir from Christine McGuinness

Mirror Books has acquired worldwide rights from The Can Group to Christine McGuinness' first book A Beautiful Nightmare

McGuinness is the wife of TV personality Paddy McGuinness and mum to eight-year-old twins Leo and Penelope and four-year-old Felicity, all of whom have been diagnosed with autism. Her first book will outline the difficulties and joys of being a mother to three autistic children and delve into her anorexia battle, fertility troubles, her marriage, modelling career and tough childhood. 

"In this frank and candid read, Christine reveals the struggles she has overcome in her life and still battles with today, but at the heart of it, she’s on a mission to learn more about autism, educate others and to change the stigma around the condition. Christine wants to campaign to improve rights for those with invisible disabilities. She wants her children to be able to get a job, have relationships and live independent lives", the publisher said. 

McGuinness said: "Writing a book is not something I ever expected to come my way. I never thought anyone would be interested in me. I’m nervous about people getting to know me and my background, but because of that, I saw this as an opportunity that I couldn’t turn down because it’s a real pinch-me moment to write my story.

"My husband has been in the public eye for over 20 years, and for over a decade I’ve been referred to as Paddy‘s wife, which I love and I’m proud of, but I’ve been to big red-carpet events where I’ve got to the table and my name place has said ‘Paddy‘s wife’! It’s only recently that I’ve been recognised as Christine, but I’ve been Christine for 33 years so there’s a lot of my life with untold stories that people don’t know about.

"Most people will know that I’ve got three amazing children who are all autistic, so I suppose my experience of parenthood has been a completely different journey to a lot of parents, but it’s been a really positive inspiring journey that has had some challenges along the way, and I feel like that’s how my whole life has been.

"It is very much a ‘rags to riches’ and ‘not all that glitters’ story, and that’s why I called it A Beautiful Nightmare, because there have been times in life that have been a complete nightmare, but also beautiful too.

"I’m hoping that this story inspires people, and I want people to believe that it doesn’t matter where you come from, or what happens in life. With love and support anything is possible—always remain positive, because even in times of trauma you can find strength."

Steve Hanrahan, managing director of Mirror Books, added: "Paddy is usually the one in the spotlight, and funnily enough his own autobiography is due out just days before. We're expecting a big reaction to Christine's book as people discover her inspirational story and campaigning for autism awareness. Behind the joy, the laughter and the glamour, she's shown real courage to overcome hidden hardship and lonely tears along the way."

Alongside writing her book, McGuinness and her husband are filming a BBC documentary about autism. It will air this autumn and Christine McGuinness: A Beautiful Nightmare will be published on 9th November 2021.