Milo to reissue football hooliganism title

Milo Books is to reissue an out-of-print title about football violence, first published by Penguin in 1984.

We Hate Humans by David Robins explores the "murky world' of football hooliganism, the first title to do so according to the publisher. It investigates a "subculture of disaffected young men, their lives and backgrounds and their reasons for fighting", and also looks at the political background of urban Thatcherite Britain in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Peter Walsh, Milo Books publishing director, said: "There have been many other books on football hooliganism since We Hate Humans was first published but it still stands out as a uniquely literate, analytical and yet readable account of the gang members, their lives and their views.

"The book has continued relevance today, especially at a time of bleak economic outlook similar to that in which it was written and when many of its insights may prove to be more relevant than we care to imagine."

Robins, who died in 2007 aged 62, was a writer and sociologist who wrote dramas for the BBC and books including Knuckle Sandwich: Growing Up in the Working Class City.

We Hate Humans will be published on 1st December as an e-book and £6.99 paperback.