Mills and Boon selling 'one book every three seconds'

<p>One winner amid the credit crunch could be Mills and Boon, which is selling a book every three seconds and celebrates its centenary this month.</p><p>The Scotsman quotes Clare Somerville, retail marketing and sales director of the company, who says that with the books priced at &pound;2.99 each, they serve as &quot;an affordable pleasure&quot;. &quot;They&#39;re a package and you know what you&#39;re going to get,&quot; she said. &quot;Within that there&#39;s a degree of the unpredictable, because each one&#39;s different, but they will deliver in line with your expectations.&quot;</p><p>The publisher launched in 1908 producing general fiction and etiquette guides. However, founder Charles Boon quickly realised the potential that publishing romance had to achieving financial success.</p><p>During the First World War, sales of the romance-filled novels enjoyed their first peak and it&#39;s something that&#39;s continued ever since. &quot;In 1917 the Times said people seek distraction from the worry of the times in the reading of works of imagination,&quot; says Somerville. &quot;Our sales figures would indicate that that&#39;s been true throughout our evolution.&quot;</p>