Million dollar deal for self-published author

<p>HarperCollins has paid a multi-million dollar sum for world English rights in two books from self-published author Brunonia Barry. The deal was agented by Rebecca Oliver of Endeavor Talent Agency; Clare Smith at HarperPress has UK and Commonwealth rights and Oliver has accepted a substantial preempt in Italy, with auctions ongoing in eight more territories.</p><p>Barry&#39;s recently self-published debut <em>The Lace Reader</em> took off in the US after being embraced by local booksellers and adopted by reading groups. It tells the story of a family of women who can read the future in the patterns of lace.</p><p>Smith said: &quot;I couldn&#39;t sleep after finishing <em>The Lace Reader</em>-it&#39;s compelling, creepy and utterly unputdownable, with a breathtaking twist at the end.&quot;</p><p>Massachusetts-born Barry studied screenwriting at NYU and spent nearly a decade in Hollywood, before returning to Massachusetts. Along with her husband, she then set up a company which creates word, visual and logic puzzles.<br /><br /></p>