Millie Marotta releases colouring in app

Millie Marotta releases colouring in app

Pavilion Books and app developers Touchpress are to release a new animal-inspired colouring app from author Millie Marotta.

Millie Marotta’s Colouring Adventures uses gesture-recognition technology to allow iPad and iPad Pro users to colour, shade, blend and deepen colours when using the app.

The free-to-download app features a colour palette especially selected by Marotta. It comes complete with a starter pack of five images and further packs will be available to buy when the app is updated.

Marotta said: “The app is here to offer a different colouring experience from the books. It brings people an incredibly innovative and dynamic colouring experience that I hope will inspire people as much as the books have. Many fans of the books will enjoy the unique feature the app offers, providing them with the ability to experiment and test out their colour palette, with infinite ways of colouring an image. I hope that people who enjoy the books will be intrigued by exploring an exciting new way of colouring, and that users of the app will try the books to experience the tactile qualities that they offer."

Polly Powell, Pavilion Books' owner and publisher, added that she was "excited" to be working with Marotta and Touchpress on the release of this app. "I defy anyone not to enjoy the powerful combination of Millie's beautiful images and the latest Apple technology to create a truly innovative colouring experience," she said.

Louise Rice, executive producer at Touchpress, said the digital experience of colouring in was "as satisfying and entertaining as the print version has proved to be."

"This is the first time adult colouring has been available on a digital device with this level of sophistication and satisfaction," she said. "We can’t wait to see our customers’ colouring creations."

The Apple Pencil is a digital stylus pen that works as an input device for the iPad Pro. The publisher has said that Millie Marolla's Colouring Adventures is "one of the first colouring apps that will be compatible with the Apple Pencil".

The app will be released today (14th January).