Miffy features in a new children's app

Miffy features in a new children's app

Dick Bruna’s cartoon rabbit character, Miffy, stars in a newly unveiled app for young children to “build early cognitive development”.

'Miffy's World' is based on the TV series ‘Miffy’s Adventures: Big and Small’, which airs on children’s channel Tiny Pop UK as well as more than 20 other major broadcasters worldwide. It was created by StoryToys, an independent developer and publisher of children’s app.

A spokesperson said: “Fans of the show will be able to immerse themselves in 'Miffy's World' and play along with their favourite bunny in everyday fun activities. From sharing moments in Miffy's day to helping her pick fruit from a tree or doing a spot of gardening, the app allows children to learn while having fun. Designed to build early cognitive development, the app also aims to encourage creativity and to cultivate an interest in nature and outdoor activities.”

The game is suitable for children under five and is available on iOS in five languages (English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish) and will be available for Android in eight (also includes Japanese, Korean and Chinese).

Bruna died last month aged 89.  The Dutch author published over 100 books, 32 about Miffy, and sold 80m copies globally.