'Midsomer Murders' producers buy TV rights to Herring series

'Midsomer Murders' producers buy TV rights to Herring series

Television rights to L C Tyler’s comic crime series have been bought by the producers of ITV’s "Midsomer Murders".

The Herring series, consisting of seven books by L C Tyler (real name Len Tyler), is published by Allison and Busby, with the next title Herring in the Smoke set to be released next year.

The books feature crime writer Ethelred Tressider and his agent, Elsie Thirkettle. They have twice won the Goldsboro Last Laugh Award for the best humorous crime novel of the year and have been shortlisted for other awards including the Edgar Allan Poe Awards in the US.

Bentley Productions, the makers of ITV’s "Midsomer Murders", bought television rights to the series in a deal brokered by Emily Hayward Whitlock at the Artists Partnership in association with David Headley at DHH Literary Agency.

The company said: “From the moment we read Len Tyler's wonderful novels we knew the wit and humour would be perfect for TV.  We very much look forward to working with him on bringing The Herring Seller series to the screen".

Tyler, who is chair of the Crime Writers Association, said: “As a long-standing fan of 'Midsomer Murders', I’m over the moon to have signed with Bentley. I can’t think of anyone who I would prefer to bring Elsie and Ethelred to the small screen.”

He added: “My thanks to Emily and David for brokering the deal."

The "Midsomer Murders" programme has run for over 19 series and a spokesperson for Bentley Productions said they are “hopeful” of replicating that success with the Herring Series.