Michelin signs exclusive deal with Amazon

<p>Travel publisher Michelin has signed an exclusive deal for three of its United States driving tour guides to be exclusively available as Kindle e-books for six months. </p><p>The titles -<em> Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, and the Russian River Valley:</em> <em>California Driving Tours; Orlando and the Keys: Florida Driving Tours;</em> and <em>Cape Cod, Martha&#39;s Vineyard, and Nantucket: New England Driving Tours,</em> cost $3.99 (&pound;2.63). </p><p>The e-books offer mapping, hotel and restaurant recommendations and a guide to local sights.</p><p>Russ Grandinetti, vice president for Kindle Content, said: &quot;Kindle&#39;s portability and light weight make it ideal for travel. The Michelin Driving Tours complement the Kindle travel experience by guiding travelers from unique hotels to must-see attractions to four-star restaurants, all in one<br />lightweight package.&quot;</p><p>The retailer also launched a Kindle app for the Apple iPad, which went on sale in the United States last week. The app also users to read Kindle e-books on the device and also purchase titles from Amazon&#39;s e-book store.<br /><br /></p>