Michel Faber novel set for 2014

Michel Faber novel set for 2014

Canongate has signed world rights to a "significant" new novel from author Michel Faber and will publish in November 2014.

The Book of Strange New Things will be Faber's first novel since publication of The Crimson Petal and the White more than 10 years ago.

The book is said to open with a man saying goodbye to his wife before setting out on a perilous journey as a Christian missionary and is described as "an unexpected and wildly original novel about adventure, faith and the ties that might hold two people together when they are worlds apart." Key elements of the story will be withheld until publication.

Canongate publishing director Francis Bickmore said the novel will be somewhere between Under the Skin and The Crimson Petal in length and is "Faber at his expectation-defying best," calling it "a brilliantly compelling book about love in the face of death, and the search for meaning in an unfathomable universe".

"Readers won’t have encountered anything quite like it before," he promised.

Bickmore added: "We're incredibly ambitious for publication; we're so excited about the quality of the writing and the ambition of the project. Michel Faber is one of the most significant writers in the English language at the moment and this book delivers on that promise."

Faber has previously tackled the subject of religious belief in novella The Fire Gospel, on the theme of religious fundamentalism.

A film of Under the Skin, starring Scarlett Johansson, is due for UK release in March.

Sales for The Crimson and the Petal White via Nielsen BookScan total 209,893 across all editions.