Michael O'Mara wins joint memoir from Olympians Trott and Kenny

Michael O'Mara wins joint memoir from Olympians Trott and Kenny

Michael O'Mara has won a "hotly contested" auction to publish the official memoir of Olympians Laura Trott and Jason Kenny, who between them have won 10 gold medals, five of which were won in the Rio velodrome last month.

In the first big sports book signing to follow on from the Rio Olympics, MOM publisher Clare Tillyer acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from David Luxton Associates to publish in hardback on 10th November 2016, priced £20.

The combined memoir will have Trott and Kenny's relationship at its core, detailing the couple's unique position of competing in the same sport, but not together or against each other, and how it impacts their daily lives.

It is said to retrace their journey to Gold medal success at the Rio Olympics, taking the reader through the training and preparation, as well aswhat inspired them to take up cycling in the first place, the highs and lows of turning professional and the personal sacrifices endured along the way.

The book will compare the duo's different experiences of competing at junior level and explore the roles of family, friends and relationships, along the way that led them to the senior circuit, meeting one another and falling in love.

Kenny said: "Eight years, three Olympics and 10 gold medals between us: this will be the inside story of how we have pulled it all off - the big races, the tactics and training, the struggle and the success."

Trott said: "After all that happened in Rio this feels like the perfect time to tell our story. It's been great looking back at what we have done, and looking deep into what makes us tick both as individual athletes and together as a team."

Tillyer added: "Following their success in London 2012, the whole nation were glued to the TV to watch Laura and Jason defend their titles at the Rio Olympics this summer. So much goes into winning gold, so to have won 10 between them is simply remarkable. I am excited to be working with Laura and Jason on their memoir, a truly unique project that will bring together the professional and personal lives of two of the country’s favourite athletes."

Photo: Edward Stone, Rocket Sports Management.