Royal Institution's 'most captivating' Christmas Lectures acquired

Royal Institution's 'most captivating' Christmas Lectures acquired

Michael O'Mara is partnering with the Royal Institution to publish 13 Journeys Through Space and Time: Christmas Lectures from the Royal Institution, edited by Colin Stuart.

Publishing director Hugh Barker of Michael O’Mara Books acquired world rights from the Royal Institution directly for the book, which will be published in hardback on 3rd November 2016, priced £12.99.

The book explores space and time through a collection of 13 of the "most captivating" Christmas Lectures given at the Royal Institution of Great Britain over the last 200 years, as drawn from the Royal Institution's archives. The lectures were first devised in 1825, to attract young people to science through spectacular demonstrations that are now watched by millions of people around the world every year. 

It will further be packed full of handwritten notebooks, photographs and transcripts, and also take a look at what we thought we knew then and what has been discovered since.

Jo Stansall, editor at Michael O’Mara Books, said: '"The Royal Institution's passion for science and learning is infectious and we’re so thrilled to be working with them on this book covering some of the most fascinating Christmas Lectures from the series rich history. We feel very privileged to be able to access the Royal Institution immense archive, and I know Colin will do a fantastic job of bringing the wonder and excitement of these world-famous lectures to life."

Olympia Brown, Christmas Lectures manager at the Royal Institution, said: "We are so delighted to share the amazing scientific content of Christmas Lectures in a new form, and to highlight some of the quirky ways that our Lecturers have covered the subject over the years. The Christmas lectures have a long history of bringing science alive, both through live events, online and through broadcast. This collaboration with Michael O'Mara Books gives us another avenue through which to help people to connect with science."

Editing the book, Stuart, an author, journalist and fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, said: "I am really excited to be working with MOM and the Royal Institution on this book about the Christmas Lectures. They've inspired and engaged many generations of scientists, and I can't wait to tell the stories of these famous faces as well as the journeys through space and time they've shared with the world."