Michael O'Mara to publish business mindset book from Andy Murray's trainer

Michael O'Mara to publish business mindset book from Andy Murray's trainer

Michael O'Mara is to publish a professional development book from tennis trainer Matt Little, The Way of the Tortoise, which will feature a foreword from Sir Andy Murray. 

Little has been an integral part of Murray’s team for 12 years, leading the support team to see him win Olympic gold, Wimbledon and become world number one, says the publisher. 

In The Way of the Tortoise, Little will draw on experiences from his own career, as well as those from the world of sport and business, to share his proven methods for building strong career foundations and attaining long-term goals. The synopsis reads: "Inspired by the lessons from Aesop’s famous fable of the race between the hare and the tortoise, Little shows that by focusing on immediate results, we run the risk of glossing over important lessons in our rush to get ahead. It’s not just about reaching your goals, but also making those successes more sustainable by increasing your motivation and resilience, and encouraging development through increased awareness and empathy."

Jo Stansall, commissioning editor, commented: "Matt has had an amazing career and achieved huge success in the tough world of elite sport. As an important part of Andy Murray’s support team, he’s also been instrumental in driving that winning team forward by employing the strategies and skills he shares with us in this book. Matt has written a truly inspirational and very practical guide to adopting the right mindset to go after what you want, whether you’re just starting out, or looking to build on your success."

Little said: "It is a genuine thrill to share the secrets of maximizing success and I hope The Way of the Tortoise will be useful to anyone trying to progress in their career or develop their business. By comparing the two animals in Aesop’s famous fable, I’ve made a case for why moving slowly, building a solid foundation and taking time to learn the lessons needed can be hugely beneficial to achieving your goals. Split into two parts, the first part of the book challenges you to set the right values in place and then tests you to see what type of tortoise you are. The second looks at the all-important soft skills, and includes a boot camp at the end so you can come out the other side ready to tackle the race that we call life, which is not always won by the swift!"

The Way of the Tortoise will be published in hardback on 4th March 2021.