Michael O'Mara lands Shah's 'indispensable' Thought Economics

Michael O'Mara lands Shah's 'indispensable' Thought Economics

Michael O’Mara Books has landed an “indispensable” collection of interviews and conversations curated from entrepreneur and philanthropist Vikas Shah’s Thought Economics website.

Thought Economics: Conversations with the Remarkable People Shaping Our Century will feature the and ideas of notable figures, from world leaders to Nobel prizewinners, and from global artists to Olympians, with a foreword by poet Lemn Sissay. 

World all language rights were acquired by Lesley O’Mara in a direct deal with Vikas, for publication on 4th February 2021.

Interviewees contributing on topics including identity, leadership, culture, discrimination and injustice include Maya Angelou, Melinda Gates, Noam Chomsky, Elif Shafak, Jameela Jamil, Heston Blumenthal, Muhammad Yunas, Black Thought, Deepak Chopra, Rankin, Tracey Emin and many more.

Shah, who is m.d. of textiles and commodities trading firm Swiscot Group, said: “We have always talked about markets, the economy, culture, society and politics as phenomena that exist outside ourselves when, in fact, they are the product of ideas, of people. They are not apart from us, they are us. The name Thought Economics was borne of the fact that it was thinking, ideas, concepts – the products of thought – that create our world, and so perhaps ‘Thought Economics’ could be the study of that.”

Jo Stansall, commissioning editor, added: “Vikas has an incredible knack for securing interviews and his voracious curiosity about the world, together with his love of art and discovery, shine through in this amazing collection. Thought Economics has been such an exciting project for us, and these important conversations around leadership, equality and identity feel particularly poignant in these unprecedented times.”