Michael O’Mara set to score with one from football freestyler Henderson

Michael O’Mara set to score with one from football freestyler Henderson

Michael O’Mara Books will publish Better Footballer: Skills, Tips and Tricks from the World Champion Football Freestyler by Andrew Henderson. 

Henderson has held the UK’s Freestyle Football Champion title for eight years running. Growing up a keen rugby player, he suffered a horrific injury at age 16 and was told he may never play sport again. He shifted his focus to freestyle football and became the youngest National Champion in the history of the sport at 17: he now holds five World Championship titles. Henderson also has 1.8 million TikTok followers and 1.2 million followers on Instagram. 

How to be a Better Footballer will feature step-by-step skill tutorials, "jaw-dropping" tricks and guidance to improve football techniques to become a master on the football pitch and beyond. Henderson will also reveal how hard work and dedication drove him to success, how he has worked with Cristiano Ronaldo and impressed the likes of Lionel Messi and Neymar, says the publisher. 

World all language rights were acquired by Louise Dixon, senior editorial director, from David Riding at MBA Literary Agents. Publication is slated for 27th May 2021. 

Dixon said: "Andrew’s passionate advice about overcoming adversity and following a dream prove that both enthusiasm and patience play a major part in any sporting arena. Alongside step-by-step tutorials to learn fundamental techniques to advance your skills, Andrew brings his personal journey to life on the page. This isn’t only about teaching the physical elements but learning from a master about how to focus your mentality to bring flair, passion and precision to your game."

Henderson commented: "After everything I have achieved in the sport of freestyle football, it is very important to me to focus on inspiring the next generation! Whether it is to pick up a ball and learn skills, to be more active or to improve confidence, this book aims to benefit every reader!"