Michael O’Mara to publish 'menagerie' colouring book

Michael O’Mara to publish 'menagerie' colouring book

Michael O’Mara Books has commissioned a colouring book of animal portraits by Richard Merritt, one of the artists behind the Art Therapy series, and Claire Scully.

The Menagerie, which publishes 12th November (p/b, £9.99), is printed on perforated paper and the images are designed to be coloured then pulled out and displayed.

Michael O’Mara said the PR and marketing campaign for the book will be its biggest ever, with advertising on the London Underground and an animated video retail partnership.

Senior editor Lauren Farnsworth said: "We have produced many beautiful colouring books, but when copies of The Menagerie came in we were blown away by the striking, intricate images, the large format and the sumptuous foils on the cover.

"We always felt that the animal pictures, and particularly the animal heads, in our books were compelling and popular with the people who colour them, but this collection of ‘portraits' has taken it to a new level. The portraits have a character and presence that demonstrates the power and beauty of wild animals."