Debut Lady Grey biography to Michael O’Mara

Debut Lady Grey biography to Michael O’Mara

Michael O’Mara Books is publishing a debut Tudor historian, Nicola Tallis.

Publishing director Hugh Barker bought world English language rights (excluding North America) to Crown of Blood: The Deadly Inheritance of Lady Jane Grey, to be published on 3rd November 2016 in hardback, priced £20.

Tallis’s book will be a "gripping and significant" retelling of an "often-misread" tale, according to the publisher. It is the result of five years of research into the Grey family and proposes to use evidence that has never before been examined for a biography of Jane. It will offer new discoveries, challenge popular myths about Jane’s upbringing, as well as her personality and motivations. 

Tallis has previously lectured at the University of Winchester and worked with the Historic Royal Palaces and the National Trust.

Senior editor, Fiona Slater, said: "Nicola has a remarkable talent for uncovering the humanity and emotional reality behind historical events, which is just one of the reasons why this new biography of Jane Grey is so utterly compelling. Her work has already received recognition and admiration from many great writers in the field, and I’m thrilled to be working with her on her debut."

Tallis said: "Crown of Blood is my first book, and I couldn’t be more delighted that Michael O’Mara Books are publishing it. I feel very privileged to be working with publishers who are so dedicated and enthusiastic, and have made my first experience of publishing so special. I’m absolutely thrilled to be one of their authors."