Michael Joseph to release Stephen Fry's Troy this October

Michael Joseph to release Stephen Fry's Troy this October

Michael Joseph is releasing a new book from Stephen Fry this October, Troy, retelling the story of the siege of Troy that is both mythical and grounded in history.

Troy is the third volume in Fry's series of books retelling Greek myths, following on from Mythos and Heroes, which respectively have sold 402,522 copies and 194,990 copies across paperback and hardback via Nielsen BookScan's UK TCM. Narrated by the author himself, they also have strong sales in audio format. 

Managing director Louise Moore acquired UK and Commonwealth rights in the latest volume from Anthony Goff at David Higham.

The siege of Troy is described by Fry as "the Big Bang of story-telling".

"Every story that came afterwards contains fragments of its incredible mixture of drama, tension, romance, betrayal, cunning, magic, violence, comedy, revenge, wonder, beauty, sacrifice, sorrow and triumph," Fry said. "The original epic, and still the best. I’ve loved it since I first heard about the matchless Helen of Troy, the noble Hector, the glorious Achilles and the cunning Odysseus. Retelling the story, getting to know the personalities, twists and divine interventions and immersing myself in the wildly exciting blend of myth, legend and real history has been one of the most completely enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had. I hope you get as much pleasure from reading it."

Moore said: "We are hugely excited to be publishing Troy, the third volume of Stephen’s epic Greek Myths series, this autumn, and be helping to bring such a wonderful canon of adventure, love and sacrifice to a whole new audience."

Troy will publish in hardback and e-book on 29th October 2020, alongside an audio edition read by Fry. The audio edition will publish in both CD and digital download format.