Michael Joseph lands Crane's 'enthralling' Latitude

Michael Joseph lands Crane's 'enthralling' Latitude

Michael Joseph has landed Latitude by geographer, explorer, writer and broadcaster Nicholas Crane, telling the story of the world’s first international scientific expedition, which set out to find the shape of the earth.

Head of non-fiction Daniel Bunyard acquired world rights from Jim Gill of United Agents, for hardback publication on 27th May 2021.

The synopsis explains: “Latitude is a tale of bravery, betrayal and murder set amid the equatorial rainforests and snow-capped volcanoes of South America as 12 adventurer-scientists equipped with tents, swords and cutting-edge instruments attempt to measure the shape of the earth.

"Their 10-year epic voyage in the ancient land of the Incas was an extraordinary feat of endurance and ingenuity that put science on the map and made the world an object of public fascination. Not only did their science open the way for more accurate maps and ocean navigation, but they made important new discoveries about rubber and quinine and contributed to the adoption of the metre as a universal unit of measurement. With a narrative that reads like a script from a Hollywood adventure movie, Nicholas Crane’s story reminds us how science can change the world."

Bunyard said: “As a former president of the Royal Geographic Society who himself has undertaken a number of world-first journeys, Nick is the perfect author to bring this book to life, and he’s done so in a way that is enthralling. Some 25 years ago, Dava Sobel’s bestselling Longitude was a global publishing phenomenon, yet it told only one half of the story. With Latitude, this cornerstone piece of our shared history is completed, by telling the tale of a trip which changed the course of human civilization.”

Crane added: “Every story has its moment. Science and courage make us human. Writing this book kept me on the edge of my seat.”