New mental health publisher Trigger Press launches

New mental health publisher Trigger Press launches

A new independent publisher dedicated to mental health welfare, Trigger Press, is to publish its first title in September.

Founded by psychologist Lauren Callaghan and her patient, philanthropist Adam Shaw (pictured), Trigger Press already has 12 members of staff and will specialise in titles that aim to give those with mental health issues a "path to recovery" and a "voice through literature, education and positive exposure".

Throughout his life, Shaw has battled with obsessive compulsive disorder, debilitating anxiety, panic attacks and related depression. However, with help from Callaghan, he has learnt to accept his obsessive thoughts, embrace and control them. Inspired by Shaw’s recovery, the pair have now written a book sharing their experience and success and outlining how others might also reach recovery. A series of books on mental health topics is planned for 2017.

Shaw is managing director of the company, while Callaghan is a director. Together they will oversee the publishing programme, determining which subjects will be covered and when. Callaghan, as the resident clinical psychologist, will select the appropriate clinical psychologist to participate in the writing of each book, alongside authors who will be commissioned to write about particular subjects, as they have experienced and recovered from them.

The company, based in Newark Northgate, is being funded by Shaw himself alongside a fellow philanthropist who has "mental health issues very close to his heart".

Pullingthetrigger: OCD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Related Depression - The Definitive Survival and Recovery Approach will be published by Trigger Press on 1st September 2016. The book shares the “raw reality” of mental illness from a sufferer’s point of view, as well as providing practical steps guiding sufferers toward recovery.

Forthcoming titles include OCD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks: The Definitive Recovery Approach - The Complete Guide for Your Family (November 2016) and books on postnatal depression, depression, and eating disorders. A series of books about life beyond recovery is planned for 2017.

Trigger Press is also seeking authors in other areas of mental health, as it builds a comprehensive list of titles offering help in all areas of mental health.

Shaw has also founded a mental health charity called the Shaw Mind Foundation. A minimum of 65% of the proceeds from books sold will go to the charity.

More info about the publisher can be found at its website.