'Memoir of reinvention' to Picador

'Memoir of reinvention' to Picador

Picador has acquired a “memoir of reinvention” by Camas Davis, who learnt to become a butcher after her personal and professional life crumbled.

Editor Sophie Jonathan bought UK and Commonwealth rights in Killing It from Cullen Stanley at Janklow & Nesbit acting on behalf of Emma Parry.

In Killing It Davis recounts how she travelled to France to learn to become a butcher, staying with a farming family and learning, at the hands of four charismatic brothers from Gascony, how they breed, rear, slaughter, butcher and sell all their meat.

The book follows Davis to France and back to her home in Portland, Oregon as she falls in love with a new world, a new man and “finds herself thrown headlong into starting a business and becoming at once an icon of the culture of informed meat eating and a target of attack from those who would say what she does is murder”.

Jonathan said: ‘‘Killing It is energising and fascinating on so many levels and Camas’s story is remarkable. The backbone of this clever book is Camas’s moving personal journey from rock bottom to the discovery of a passion, happiness and success, but the world that she invites her readers into is a surprising and exciting one about getting your hands dirty, ethical eating, and the highly politicised food debate.

Killing It is for anyone interested in eating well, in fresh starts, new chances and uplifting stories. Camas’s voice is rich and visceral, intelligent, witty and honest and I’m delighted that Picador will be bringing her and Killing It to the UK.”

Davis is the founder of the Portland Meat Collective, a hands-on butchery school and community resource that helps consumers buy ethically-raised whole animals from local farmers and teaches them how to butcher, process and cook every part.

Picador will publish Killing It in 2018 alongside Penguin Press in the USA.