Melville House signs Mayor of Reykjavik

Melville House signs Mayor of Reykjavik

Melville House has signed a memoir from Jón Gnarr, the absurdist comedian who founded a joke political party, and was elected as mayor of Reykjavik.

Acquiring editor Kelly Burdick signed world English rights in Gnarr: How I Became the Mayor of a Large City in Iceland and Changed the World from German publisher Keltt-Cotta.

Gnarr, pictured with admirer Russell Brand, founded the "Best Party" in 2009 in the wake of country's economic collapse, and campaigned on a platform of free towels for public pools, a polar bear for the zoo, and a drug-free parliament "by 2020". He announced his intention to retire at the end of his term in June this year.

He said: "I am very excited about the release and look forward to coming to the UK. Everybody should have the right to vote Best! We are the world! Just because something is funny and makes you laugh, doesn't mean it can't be serious."

Melville House co-publisher Valerie Merians said: "If there's two things we like at Melville House UK, it's comedy and political activism, and we've published a lot of each. The British political scene is a pretty humourless place these days. We can learn a lot from Jón Gnarr."

The book will be published in June 2014.