Melanie Phillips launches e-books company

Melanie Phillips launches e-books company

Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips has launched her own e-books company focusing on "the moral and political issues of today".

The company, called emBooks and part of Melanie Phillips Electric Media LLC, has published five e-books, immediately available on Amazon, Apple and Kobo, including the journalist's own memoir, Guardian Angel: My Story, My Britain, and fellow Daily Mail columnist, Angela Levin's Diana's Baby: Kate, William and The Repair of a Broken Family.

Phillips told the Independent the company was US-focused and intended to provide a platform for a range of authors. She said: "What you're getting is not just a set of books, you're getting a particular viewpoint that is associated with me."

She added: "This is not an ordinary e-publishing company, I'm not simply publishing books, as any e-book company would, just because they're interesting and I think they're going to sell. That's part of it, but that's not all of it. It's very much to do with putting across my general take on the world."

The e-books will be available across a range of devices and for sale from the website and through an emBooks app for iPad and iPhone.

Other titles it will launch are Decoding your 21st Century Daughter: The Anxious Parent's Guide to Raising a Teenage Girl, by Helen Wright; Snap: Has Brain Research Reached its Breaking Point? by James Le Fanu; and J Robert Oppenheimer, For Example: The Drama of the Eternal Outsider, by Frederic Raphael.