Meet the author on Google

<p>"Meet the Author", which provides short unscripted video clips of authors talking about their books, has an insight into the powerful potential of Google Video in developing the author brand.</p><p>Meet the Author is in beta-testing of the delivery of its author video content to the Google search facility, initially limited to within Google Video.</p><p>Author clips are made available automatically and instantly whenever a title is searched, and an author clip is available in the Meet the Author library.</p><p>Sample statistics over the initial three weeks of this testing has thrown up figures such as 8,719 viewings of Virgin's James May [May on Motors]; and, even more remarkably, a clip filmed way back in 2002 of Saul David's The Indian Mutiny 1857 [Penguin] has had 2,275 viewings.</p><p>When this functionality is fully integrated into Google Search, we can almost certainly expect a substantial lift in such viewings, as it is estimated that there were more than 34 million book searches in total over the past six months.</p><p>Such fulfilment of demand for backlist and such demand for the author generally in the sales process is possibly the most exciting marketing opportunity the book trade has seen since the end of retail price maintainance.</p><p>Julian Rivers</p><p>Director</p><p></p>