MCR removes Hachette stock pending legal action

<p>Borders&#39; administrator MCR is removing all Hachette titles from the chain&#39;s stores pending the outcome of forthcoming legal action about retention of title. Peter Roche, deputy c.e.o. of Hachette UK, said the administrator was &quot;running scared&quot;.</p><p>The move comes in response to Hachette&#39;s legal action, which is expected to see the two companies in court tomorrow [Friday 18th December], in a bid to stop Borders selling stock and receive payment for stock already sold. </p><p>In a statement MCR said: &quot;As a consequence [of] Hachette&rsquo;s refusal to reach an amicable agreement, the administrators are in the process of removing all books published by the Hachette Group (however not necessarily supplied by them) from sale pending the outcome of the Retention of Title claim adjudication process. </p><p>&quot;Subject to the validation of the Retention of Title claims, those books will then be available to return to the claimants in satisfaction of their Retention of Title claims in line with the previous<br /> offer made to the claimants.&quot;</p><p>The statement added it had settled &quot;a number&quot; of publishers&#39; retention of title claims and was in discussions with the remainder. A spokesperson for the administrator refused to specify the number, or identity any of the publishers involved and the terms of the resolved claim. </p><p>However, the spokesman did confirm that the books being removed are solely those published by Hachette and do not include third-party titles, which are supplied by Hachette-owned distributor LBS.</p><p>Hachette&#39;s Roche said the move did not &quot;change anything&quot;, and the publisher still intended to have its day in court. He added: &quot;It looks like they are just running scared. They are doing this so they don&#39;t get an injunction forcing them to do it, but we are still planning to go to court, firstly to establish retention of title, and secondly to obtain payment.&quot; </p>