McNab on front foot for ITV

<p>Bestselling author Andy McNab is spear-heading a trio of new commissions for ITV4. In &quot;Tour of Duty&quot;, McNab, former soldier and author of titles such as <em>Crossfire</em> and <em>Recoil </em>(Bantam Press), will tells the story of British and American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Featuring Ministry of Defence footage, user generated content from troops and interviews with serving personnel, the programme will look at the story of two of the most intense wars fought by British troops since World War Two.</p><p>Also part of the latest commission is &quot;Real Prison Breaks&quot;, which investigates cases from across the world, including escapes from institutions such as Alcatraz, The Maze and the Katingal Special Security unit in Australia. The programme features interviews with the felons and eyewitness accounts and insight from the professionals.</p><p>In addition, former footballer and actor Vinnie Jones investigates extremes of the world&sup1;s police forces in &quot;Toughest Cops&quot;.</p>