McCartney contributes to veggie cookbook

Kyle Books is linking up with ex-Beatle Paul McCartney’s Meat Free Mondays endeavour with a new recipe book which aims to encourage readers to go vegetarian one day a week.

The proceeds from The Meat Free Monday Cookbook will go to the not-for-profit campaign, which is celebrating its second anniversary this year. Set up by the ex-Beatle and his daughters—fashion designer Stella and photographer Mary—Meat Free Monday encourages people to go “meat-free” at least one day a week in order to reduce their impact on the environment, improve their health and save money. According to UN figures, meat production is responsible for 18% of global carbon emissions.

“In many ways it is a tribute from Paul and his children to Linda [McCartney],” said m.d. Kyle Cathie, referring to the star’s late wife as a vegetarian “pioneer”. The book features “updated versions” of ideas from her recipe books. It also includes personal touches, such as family photos, as well as the McCartneys’ foreword. The trio also had an input on design, photography and recipe choice, and invited their friends to contribute.

The title includes five recipes from Sir Paul; other celebrity contributors include Jamie Oliver, Skye Gyngell, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kevin Spacey and Jo Wiley.

Arranged seasonally, the title contains 108 full recipes, with another 108 “ideas for recipes” as Cathie describes it, so there will be two “whole day’s eating” per week, including two main meals plus snacks. Menus include a herb bread, “Paul McCartney’s Super Vegetable Salad”, almond cake, French toast, puy lentil and feta tabbouleh and papaya salad.

Cathie said the book was being aimed at the three million vegetarians in the UK who are “dying for new recipes”, as well as those attracted by the ecological aspect and the “celebrity part” of it. She is planning “major” marketing in the autumn, with much publicity depending on Sir Paul’s commitments.

Illustrated with photography by Tara Fisher, it is a “serious, glorious cookbook” inspired by the “danger to the planet” caused by the worldwide passion for meat, Cathie said. Kyle Books publishes on 29th October as a £19.99 hardback.