McCall Smith to get newspaper, online and TV boost

<p>Alexander McCall Smith is to reprise his Corduroy Mansions project with the <em>Daily Telegraph</em>, with a dedicated iTunes page and second BBC series lined up.</p><p>Following the publication of the first Corduroy Mansions title on the <em>Telegraph </em>website in daily live updates and audio instalments, a new series of 100 parts will begin in September, continuing the stories of the original characters. For the first time, the instalments will be published in the paper&rsquo;s weekend edition.</p><p>The first title, <em>Corduroy Mansions</em>, will be published as a Polygon hardback and a Little, Brown audiobook on 1st August, with the second lined up in both formats for June 2010 as <em>The Dog Who Came In From the Cold</em>.</p><p>The BBC and HBO have also commissioned a second six-part series of &quot;The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency&quot; to be broadcast in the UK around Easter 2010, with Jill Scott reprising her role as Mma Ramotswe.</p><p>The series will focus on stories from three of McCall Smith&rsquo;s novels: <em>Tears of the Giraffe</em>; <em>Morality for Beautiful Girls</em>; and <em>In the Company of Cheerful Ladies</em>. Abacus will again publish tie-in titles.</p><p>A Meet the Author page for McCall Smith will be launched by iTunes in August. It will include a video of the author at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, an audiobooks store, and 20 pieces of music chosen by him. </p>