MCB scoops three from Young Sherlock author

MCB scoops three from Young Sherlock author

Macmillan Children’s Books has acquired three titles from its Young Sherlock Holmes author Andrew Lane, which focus on the hunt for valuable endangered creatures.

MCB associate publishing director Polly Nolan bought world rights from Robert Kirby at United Agents to the three novels in The Lost World series.

MCB will publish a title a year from May 2013 as £5.99 paperback originals and as e-books. It is planning a “major marketing and publicity campaign”.

The Lost World books follow 15-year-old Calum Challenger, who is co-ordinating a search from his London bedroom to find creatures considered so rare that many do not believe they exist. Calum’s intention is to use the creatures’ DNA to help protect the species, but also to search for a cure for his paralysis. His team comprises a computer hacker, a free runner, an ex-marine and a pathalogical liar.
Belinda Rasmussen, MCB publisher, said: "Lost Worlds has a captivating cast of characters and a pacy, narrative style combined with nail-biting adventure and thrilling plot twists. As with Young Sherlock Holmes, all these elements make a truly addictive read."

Lane said: "I'm more than overjoyed to be working on this exciting new series with the highly talented editorial, marketing and publicity teams at Macmillan. I've had an amazing time working with them on Young Sherlock Holmes, and Lost Worlds will bring the same sense of intelligent adventure and excitement to a modern-day setting.

"That doesn't mean I'm going to stop writing Young Sherlock Holmes. The series gets more popular every day, and I've got plenty of ideas up my sleeve that will keep both series bubbling merrily along!"

The fifth Young Sherlock Holmes novel will be published in October.