McAleer leaves Walker after licensing team restructure

McAleer leaves Walker after licensing team restructure

Helen McAleer is stepping down from her role as chief global development officer and m.d. of Walker Productions, which is part of the Walker Books Group.

Julia Posen, executive vice-president and commercial director, will continue to lead Walker’s licensing team and will handle the commercial aspects of the productions business internally. Walker is also recruiting a new licensing manager. 

McAleer will set up her own company, Helen McAleer Ltd, and will continue to act as a consultant to Walker.

The company confirmed it restructured its licensing team earlier in the year but declined to say how many jobs had been cut.

A spokesperson said: “Earlier this year, we had a restructure of our team to better suit our business needs, but we have continued to maintain our licensing programme throughout and intend to do so in future. Licensing has been a critical part of Walker’s commercial programme for more than twenty years.”

McAleer joined Walker Books Group in July 2006 as Walker Books UK m.d. and founded Walker Productions in 2007.

Karen Lotz, the Walker Group's m.d., said: “During her 10 years with us, first as Walker Books UK m.d, later as the founder, leader and guiding light of the very successful Walker Productions, and throughout as a Walker Group director, she has been an instrumental part of developing what Walker UK has become today. We thank her for all of her contributions and wish her very big success with her new venture.”