Mathias Enard wins Prix Goncourt 2015

Mathias Enard wins Prix Goncourt 2015

French writer Mathias Enard has won France's top literary prize, the Prix Goncourt, for his book Boussole ("Compass") which is published in the UK by Fitzcarraldo Editions.

Enard is professor of Arabic and Persian at the University of Barcelona and his book "weaves a poetic eulogy to the long historical cultural exchanges between the east and west".

"I like a winning book which tells of the world in which we live", head of the jury Bernard Pivot, said. The prize money is €10 (£7.08) but "almost guarantees" a boost in sales of the winning book.

The award was announced on Tuesday (3rd November) by the 10-member Goncourt Académy jury after a traditional lunch of lamb stew and olives at the Drouant restaurant near the Opera Garnier in Paris.

Fitzcarraldo will publish the English translation of Boussole ("Compass") in 2017, for which they hold the UK & Commonwealth rights. It will be translated by Charlotte Mandell.

Fitzcarraldo published an English translation of Enard's Street of Thieves in August 2015, a book set during the Arab Spring which looks at the immigration situation from the perspective of the disaffected youth in Muslim dominated countries and their integration into western culture.

Fitzcarraldo launched its imprint in August 2014 with Enard's Zone, a book made up of one long sentence stretching over 500 pages which was a panoramic view of violent conflict and its consequences in the twentieth century and beyond.