MasterChef champion Maclean signs with Black & White

MasterChef champion Maclean signs with Black & White

Gary Maclean, champion of "MasterChef: The Professionals 2016" is to publish his first cookbook Gary Maclean: Kitchen Essentials with Scottish indie Black & White Publishing.

The publisher acquired world rights from Tessa Hartmann at Hartmann Media.

Maclean said he was "thrilled" to be writing the book which he said was "every chef's dream".

"My aim is to write an accessible book full of great food and techniques that will help de-mystify good cookery", he said. "With thirty years of experience as a chef and a teacher under my belt, the book will make the fundamentals of cooking easy for everyone from beginners to more experienced cooks."

Campbell Brown, m.d. of the Edinburgh-based independent publishing house, added: "Watching Gary Maclean winning 'Masterchef: The Professionals' was inspiring and entertaining. So many people were supporting him. He has the expertise of a top chef as well as phenomenal teaching and communication skills and it's this winning combination that he's bringing to Gary Maclean: Kitchen Essentials. His unique mix of skills, top tips and recipes will be invaluable for anyone who cooks. It’s great to learn new things and Gary Maclean is the perfect teacher."

Gary Maclean: Kitchen Essentials will be published by Black & White Publishing in October 2018.