Amis calls Corbyn 'undereducated' and 'humourless'

Amis calls Corbyn 'undereducated' and 'humourless'

Martin Amis has criticised Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as “undereducated”, “humourless” and “slow-minded” in an article written for The Sunday Times.

The Oxford-educated English novelist, famed for his novels London Fields and Money, also said the new left-wing Labour leader lacked "the slightest grasp of national character" and would lead the party to become "undeserving of a single vote."

Amis said: “He is undereducated. Which is one way of putting it. His schooling dried up when he was 18, at which point he had two E-grade A-levels to his name; he started a course at North London Polytechnic, true, where he immersed himself in trade union studies but dropped our after a year. And that was that.

“In general, his intellectual CV gives an impression of slow-minded rigidity; and he seems essentially incurious about anything beyond his immediate sphere.”

Amis, born in the same year as Corbyn and a life-long Labour supporter, accused Corbyn as lacking "the slightest grasp of the national character” holding views that are “pallidly third-hand,” in the piece for The Sunday Times.  He dismissed Corbyn’s desire to scrap the army as “a veritable spear through the British soul”, adding: “He is without the slightest grasp of the national character — an abysmal deficit for any politician.” Amis added that Corbyn’s comparison between western troops and Isis were "tinkertoy moral ‘equivalence’ at every opportunity”.

The author also warned the party under Corbyn’s leadership would become “hopelessly retrograde, self- absorbed, self-pitying and self-righteous, quite unembarrassed by its (years-long) tantrum, necessarily and increasingly hostile to democracy and, in any sane view, undeserving of a single vote”.

Continuing his attack, Amis said: "He is humourless. Many journalists have remarked on this, usually in a tone of wry indulgence. In fact it is an extremely grave accusation, imputing as it does a want of elementary nous. To put it crassly, the humourless man is a joke — and a joke he will never get."