Manilla Press unearths 'pioneering' zero-waste climate manifesto campaign

Manilla Press unearths 'pioneering' zero-waste climate manifesto campaign

Manilla Press has unearthed its “pioneering” zero-waste UK campaign for climate action manifesto The Future We Choose.

Written by former UN secretary for climate change Christiana Figueres and her senior political secretary Tom Rivett-Carnac, the publisher described the book as “the definitive manifesto for optimism and action to survive the climate crisis."

Led by Bonnier UK campaigns director Felice McKeown, the marketing campaign aims to be as eco friendly as possible. Manilla Press is also working in partnership with Less Plastic UK on their March #MoreNature campaign offering advice to booksellers looking to reduce plastic pollution in their displays.

McKeown said: “Reading The Future We Choose last year had such a profound impact on me–not only personally but also in the way I think about marketing. We needed the campaign for this book to reflect the values it represents. It’s also been a real lesson to understand all the different points at which waste creeps into the marketing cycle, but also the ways in which all of us can work to reduce that.”

Less Plastic UK c.e.o. Amanda Keeley said: “Businesses have the power to make a game-changing difference to the plastic crisis by opening their eyes to single-use plastic, questioning the need for it, and sourcing creative alternatives."

The printed book and cover are 100% recyclable and the cover finishes are 100% plastic free, including emboss and water-based varnishing.

The books were delivered to the warehouse in cartons instead of plastic wrap and all print campaign materials have been sent to retailers using zero-waste postage and packing materials. Bookshop posters will also be printed on 100% recycled paper.

The outdoor campaign will feature posters of four different designs reframing climate change around possibility rather than pessimism. 

Manilla Press said they have also distributed “plantable bookmarks encouraging readers to connect with nature hands on.”

UK and Commonwealth rights to The Future We Choose for were bought by publisher Margaret Stead from Doug Abrams at Idea Architects via Caspian Dennis at Abner Stein in a nine-way auction. Erroll MacDonald pre-empted for Knopf, Penguin Random House in the US.

The book is published today (25th February).