'Major' new history of the world to HoZ

'Major' new history of the world to HoZ

Historian Dan Jones and Brazilian artist Marina Amaral are collaborating on a "major" new history of the world, The Colour of Time, to be published by Head of Zeus.

Spanning more than a 100 years of world history from the reign of Queen Victoria and the American Civil War to the Cuban Missile Crisis and the beginning of the Space Age, The Colour of Time will chart the rise and fall of empires, the achievements of science, industry and the arts, the tragedies of war and the politics of peace, and the lives of the men and women who made history since 1850.

Amaral uses digital techniques, underpinned by "painstaking" research, to transform historical photographs into stunning colour images which "allow us to witness historical events as if they were taking place in front of us". Jones’s narrative anchors the images in their chronological contexts, and weaves them into a "compelling account of the events that made the world we live in today".

Jones said: "Marina Amaral is literally changing the way we look at history. She is the most talented and exciting artist working in her field today, and I'm incredibly pleased and honoured to be working with her and with my publishers at Head of Zeus to make this exciting new book a global bestseller."

Anthony Cheetham, chairman of Head of Zeus, said: "The Colour of Time is a fabulous book. It is a history of the world that gave birth to the world we live in today, illumined by 200 magnificent images of iconic people, places and events. It combines the talents of a first rate historian with the craft of an artist whose work will soon be known the world over. Irresistible."

Head of Zeus holds world rights to the title which will be published in September 2018.