Major library cuts for Lincolnshire

Major library cuts for Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire looks set to axe 32 libraries in a bid to save £2m from the county council's budget.

A consultation on the proposals will take place between July and September but the aims so far include reducing the number of libraries in Lincolnshire from 47 to 15, according to the Lincolnshire Echo.

The plan involves 170 job losses and a scaling back of mobile library services to "targeted" communities.

Lincolnshire Councillor Nick Worth said the council were taking the steps because the current library services were "inefficient" and because technology was changing the way society operated.

He said: "In Lincolnshire, 82% of the population are not active borrowers and book stock issued in the county in the last 10 years has dropped from five million to under three million. Smart phones, tablets, Kindles and new technology are changing the way we do things. The library service is changing, like it or not, and our vision for the future of the service is a comprehensive one, but one that remains both affordable and efficient."

He added that the changes would demand the support of the local community. "We will support residents and organisations that step forward and lend a hand," he said. "And by getting them more involved we think we can actually create a library service that's better tailored to each community's individual needs."

Under the plans, communities could receive up to £5,167 a year to help them to operate locally-run libraries, a well as 4,000 books and a single payment of £15,000 for building works or equipment.