Mahey-Morgan launches new entertainment venture

Mahey-Morgan launches new entertainment venture

OWN IT! – a new venture by Crystal Mahey-Morgan – has today launched its website and announced its first three acquisitions.

The company is described as a “new brand” of entertainment firm telling stories across books, music, fashion and film.

Mahey-Morgan, who used to work at Penguin Random House and is also currently a director at Zed Books, said: “There’s never been a more exciting time to tell, share, experience and hear stories. New technologies mean new ways to be creative and more channels to reach different audiences.

“Defining artistic ideas in terms of them just being a book, a song, a film or anything else is no longer relevant as we’re now able to tell a story across all of these formats simultaneously.

“Stories told well, whether fictional or rooted in reality are the essence of all meaningful and lasting forms of expression and OWN IT! is excited about working with a wide range of creatives to tell diverse stories in fluid new ways.”

Among the first projects from the company is Don't Be Alien by CubaWorld and Ewan Green, the story of a couple who were once deeply in love but have now become distant strangers.

The story will be available as a soul/pop song, available to download, and an animation. It will take the form of a “new type of digital book which will weave together the lyrics, music and animation, creating a multi-layered way to experience the story within the song, giving a whole new meaning to the word songbook”.

Mama Can't Raise No Man by Robyn Travis is a novel unfolding through a series of letters to and from the protagonist, who unexpectedly finds himself in prison. The story will be available as a print and digital book, the latter of which will use “creative technology to really bring Robyn’s unconventional narrative technique to life”.

A Different Melody by DJ Melody Kane is an “uplifting and poignant book”. Haunted by a troubled childhood and downtrodden in a soul-destroying job, Kane was unhappy in an unhealthy body, so decided to throw caution to the wind and pursue a long-held dream of becoming a DJ. The story will be available as a print and digital book, with the interactive digital edition including exclusive music mixes and fitness routines.

OWN IT! is also launching its Six Stories t-shirt collection - six t-shirts, each with a six-word story on it. The t-shirts cost £30 each and are available on the company’s website.