McIntosh reassures Knopf Doubleday staff of group future after Mehta's death

McIntosh reassures Knopf Doubleday staff of group future after Mehta's death

Penguin Random House US c.e.o. Madeline McIntosh has reassured staff about the future of the Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group following the death of Knopf editor in chief and group chairman Sonny Mehta.

Mehta died on 30th December in Manhattan at the age of 77, from complications from pneumonia, with many from the trade paying tribute to "one of the greats".

The day after his death McIntosh wrote to staff across Knopf Doubleday to confirm there are no current plans for consolidation of the group, according to Publishers Marketplace.

McIntosh wrote: "As much as today’s loss is one for publishing as a whole, I know that this is a deep and personal loss for many of you. Sonny was unique. He was an exceptional editor and publisher. And I recognise all of you felt not only safe under his leadership, but something more: you felt like you were part of a family. The longevity and stability of your group, along with the culture Sonny promoted and the lasting relationships he developed, is extraordinary by any standard. I respect and honor the work you have done together.

"I also know that in addition to your grief, you may also feel anxiety about the future of the group. I want to do whatever I can to allay that anxiety. As you can imagine, the “legacy question” was not a subject Sonny leapt at, though it was top of mind. Indeed, it was a subject we discussed at length, particularly in recent months.

"As was his way, Sonny was careful, considered, and deliberate in his thinking. His focus was on what has made these imprints successful in the past and what our priorities should be for the future. Indeed, it was the future he was mostly thinking about. We were absolutely aligned in our thoughts and in the process of making concrete plans to structure that future."

McIntosh has said that staff should not be concerned about imminent changes to the structure of the group.

She wrote: "Now is not the time to talk about any of those discussions.  There will be plenty of time going forward for me to share with you what he had in mind and how we will put that vision in place.

"But, for today, please rest assured that there is no plan for any kind of consolidation. This group will remain as independent as it always has been, with strong, dedicated leadership in place to ensure the extraordinary legacy to which you have contributed. That is what Sonny wanted, and that is how we will carry forward into the future.

"Once we’re back together in the office after the holiday, I’ll bring us all together. For now, just know I’m thinking of each of you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly for anything."