Macmillan launches Digital Science programme for small investors

Macmillan launches Digital Science programme for small investors

Macmillan Science and Education's technology division Digital Science has launched a new programme designed to help small investors decide which research projects to support.

Dimensions for Funders will be freely accessible for funding organisations that invest less than $1m annually, and will provide information on $750bn of historic and future spending on scientific research, allowing funders to decide where to target their own investments.

The scheme will initially be open to 10 small funding organisations a month, with a "snowball" training system in place, committing those who take part to train others who wish to benefit from the scheme.

Dimensions has been created by ÜberResearch, a portfolio company of Digital Science.

Annette Thomas, c.e.o. of Macmillan Science & Education said: “It’s an honour to open up this valuable resource to small scientific funders, which are often largely staffed by volunteers with a personal or familial desire to propel research in an area they are passionate about. These funders care deeply about picking the right projects with limited budgets, and seeking out the very best advisers and reviewers. They also want to monitor global activity in their focus area. The challenge is that they don’t have the funds, the staff, or the budget to pay for this information.”